Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center EOMC

105 Wall Street
P.O. Box 1148
Poteau, OK 74953
(918) 647-8161

Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center is a licensed 84-bed healthcare provider that serves LeFlore and the surrounding counties with a total population of approximately 48,000. EOMC has been serving the needs of this community for over 53 years by combining the personal touch of a community hospital with state of the art technology. We provide a full range of medical services to the community.

Since 1950, EOMC has worked to provide quality healthcare throughout Southeastern Oklahoma. EOMC is a public non-profit entity overseen by a Board of Trustees appointed by the LeFlore County Commissioners. Our goal is to efficiently provide comprehensive personal healthcare services by making available modern medical equipment, specialized medical services, and medical knowledge which would be limited without proper facilities.

Mission :
EOMC is dedicated to providing quality care through commitment and compassion. Vision : To be the healthcare provider of choice for Eastern Oklahoma.


  • Heavener Medical Clinic
    304 HWY 59 North
    Heavener, OK 74953
    (918) 653-2918
    (918) 653-3211 Fax

  • Medical Plaza
    204 Wall Street
    Poteau, OK 74953
    (918) 647-8635
    (918) 649-0796 Fax

  • Family Medical Clinic
    104 Wall Street
    Poteau, OK 74953
    (918) 647-8635
    (918) 649-0796 Fax

Patient Financial Services

Patient Financial Services will handle all patient billing questions or concerns. Staff members are ready to answer your questions and will work with you to ensure you have full access to our services.

Patient Account Representatives are available to answer questions regarding bills or other account concerns Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m at 918 635 3476.

    Billing Information

  • Staff is trained to follow State and Federal billing guidelines when billing Medicare, Medicaid, and Insurance claims.

  • The staff at Patient Financial Services bills primary, secondary, and third party claims.

  • Follow up to claims billing is done on a regular basis for all claims.

  • Sometimes it does take the involvement of the Patient or the Guarantor to get a claim paid. Unless the Insurance Company notifies us, we try to resolve payment within 90 days.

  • At the end of 90 days, depending on the reason for non-payment the account balance can or will be turned over to the patient/guarantor for responsibility of payment.

  • Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center takes only Oklahoma Medicaid. We are not contracted with out of state Medicaid programs.

  • We are not responsible for billing for the Doctor that treats patients in the Emergency Department at EOMC.

  • We are not responsible for billing for the Radiologist that reads any x-ray that is received during treatment at EOMC.
    Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I was seen in the Emergency Room. Will my ER visit bill have my ER Doctor bill on it?
    No, you will get a bill from Probill for the ER Doctor that treated you.
  2. I had x-rays when I received services at Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center. Will the radiologist that read my x-ray bill be on my hospital bill?
    No the radiologist that read your x-ray will send you a bill.
  3. When do I need to pay my deductible or co-pay?
    Deductibles and co-pays are collected at the time of service by the registration staff for outpatient and the financial counselor will collect Inpatient deductibles. This is a good practice in Healthcare to help cut cost.
  4. How do you know how much my deductibles or co-pays are going to be?
    When we pre-register outpatient diagnostic services and surgery services, we pre-cert your visit to make sure the insurance will pay for your services. At that time your insurance company provides your deductible or co-pays.
  5. What forms of payment does Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center accept?
    We take cash, check, debit cards, and Visa or MasterCard.
  6. I have Medicare. How do I know the Medicare Deductibles?
    For the year 2010, the Medicare Inpatient deductible is $1132.00 and the Part B deductible is $162.00.
  7. Where can I go to find information as a Medicare beneficiary?
    Go online at or call 1-800-Medicare.
  8. Do I need to file my on insurance claim?
    We submit claims to your insurance company provided you have assigned payment of benefits to Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center and provide the insurance information at the time of registration.
  9. Will I receive a statement on my account before insurance pays?
    Your first statement will be sent as soon as the insurance pays their part.
  10. Will I get an itemize statement?
    To decrease cost Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center does not mail itemize unless the patient request one. We gladly mail itemize at your request.
  11. What happens when I do not pay my bill?
    Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center attempts to work with the patient to ensure the patient has the ability to pay their bill with reasonable monthly payments. If you do not pay your bill, your account will be turned over to a collection agency.
  12. I have emergent medical needs but do not insurance, how can I get medical care?
    Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center has Patient Financial Counselors and a Patient Financial Manager that will look at your needs and try to find resources to help you pay for your visit. We evaluate on a by case basis. Screening questions to help locate sources for payment of care are the following:
    1. Do you have an Indian Card or Role number?
    2. Do you have any Military History?
    3. Is another person responsible for your injuries?
    4. Was this injury work related?
    5. Was this injury related to an auto accident caused by someone else?
    6. Did you file formal battery charges if this was the cause of injury?
    7. Did this happen at School and you have a School Insurance Policy?
    8. Have you applied for State of Oklahoma Medicaid?
    9. Do you have a Debit, Visa or MasterCard?
    10. Have you filled out a Financial Application with the hospital?

  13. Who can help with my other questions and concerns?
    The Patient Financial Office is open from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to provide customer service. Please call 918 635 3476 or email us with your questions and/or concerns.
    The Uninsured Patient

  • The Patient Financial Manager and the Patient Financial Counselor determine patients financial needs on a by case basis.
  • Financial Counselors are available to help you with Medicaid applications.
  • The Hospital has a Financial Assistance Application Program that utilizes Federal Poverty Guidelines to determine Indigent Care for non-elective procedures and emergent diagnostic tests. You must attach the following to all Applications:

    Copy of previous year's tax return
    Copy of previous year's W-2
    Copy of your last three (3) consecutive Payroll Stubs
    You will also need proof that you have filed for Medicaid, with a verification of denial
  • A Financial Counselor visits all Inpatient and Self Pay patients to assist them in their financial needs.
  • Financial Counselors are responsible for collecting deposits and making payment arrangements on patient's accounts.
Contact Information
Administration 635-3300
Admitting 635-3329
Eastern Oklahoma Home Health 647-8233
or (800)828-6923
Emergency Room 635-3282
Heavener Medical Clinic (918)653-2918
Human Resources 635-3360
Family Medical Clinic (918)647-8635
Medical Records 635-3391
Nursing Services
Outpatient 635-3333
In-Patient 635-3125
Intensive Care 635-3270
OB/Nursery 635-3150
Pastoral Services 635-3495
Patient Financial Serv.(Business Office) 635-3476
Physical Therapy 635-3178
Radiology 635-3225
Talihina Medical Clinic (918)567-2116
If you know a patient's room number you can now call their
room direct by dialing: (918)635-3+ROOM NUMBER