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The City of Heavener is located in the heart of beautiful Southeastern Oklahoma. From world class fishing and hunting, to beautiful scenery, activities and events, we welcome you with open arms to our little piece of heaven on Earth. Look forward to see you you real soon!

City Clerk

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The City Clerk is appointed by the City Manager and holds office at his pleasure. The Clerk serves as the Clerk of the City Commission and the Heavener Utilities Authority Board of Trustees, and has custody of and is responsible for all books, papers, maps, and records belonging to the city not in actual use by other officers or by special provisions committed to their custody. The Clerk attends all meetings of the City Commission and keeps a record of the proceedings of the same, and signs and attests all ordinances, resolutions or other acts of the City Commission.

Additionally, the Clerk serves in a leadership role as Department Head, for the City and Heavener Utilities Authority Administrative staff, consisting of the Utility Clerk, Court Clerk and Deputy Clerk; and as Administrator for approved city health plan, and employee retirement system.

The City Clerk certifies to the correctness of all reports made public by the City Commission and shall be custodian of the seal of the city, and serves as the Chief Accounting Officer for the City and Authority, and shall prepare such financial statements and reports of the financial condition as required by the city manager, commission, authority or by ordinance. Accomplishes bank reconciliation's, maintains financial records, and performs grant administration. Prepares employee payroll checks; quarterly, monthly and pay period reports. Prepare purchase orders, compile invoices, and non-collusion affidavits for expenditures of city and authority funds. Assist in the preparation and submission to the commission an annual budget recommendation, countersigns all warrants for the payment of moneys drawn on the city treasurer and shall issue receipts for all moneys or other things of value coming into the office. Keeping the city manager fully advised as to the financial condition of the city.

The Clerk retains all documents, grant documents, master file of city equipment and property, and warranty deeds for city property properly indexed and ensures they are open to the public for inspection when not in actual use. Maintains employee records and files as required by the city manager for proper administration, more efficient and economical administration of the affairs of the city.

The City Clerk shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as may be required by the City Manager, by ordinance, resolution or motion of the City Commission. Recommend to the city manager for adoption such measures deemed necessary or expedient for the proper administration of the city and good of service to the public. Serve as the Clerk of the court or designate and supervise a deputy for such purposes.

Deputy Clerk

The Deputy Clerk assists the City Clerk and Utility Clerk in all clerk duties with running, filing and keeping of document trails for the financial aspects of the City and Heavener Utilities Authority. The deputy clerk is appointed by city manager and reports to the city clerk.

Utility Clerk

The Utility Clerk performs all clerk duties associated with running, filing and keeping of document trails for the Heavener Utilities Authority and certain City functions as the City Clerk directs.

The Utility Clerk reports directly to the City Clerk and is responsible for maintaining all records of utilities, billing, accepting new applications, generating cut-off notices, issuing cut-off work orders, move change orders for utilities, and collecting and depositing revenues in the proper bank accounts of the City and Heavener Utilities Authority.

The Utility Clerk collects and processes payments from customers over the counter, through the mail and from other collection sites. Such payments are for installation fees or deposits, for utilities, or other City bills or charges. Establishes new customer accounts, prepares work order for service connections, disconnects and meter problems. She communicates with citizens and customers necessary information to handle complaints, and other customer concerns.

The Utility Clerk serves as the first point of customer service contact for the Authority, and tracks, collects, files and maintains records of all revenue received for the City and Authority; maintains and posts monthly revenue reports to the general ledger; Collect, mails on time, files and maintains copies of required Utility Authority reports (i.e., NPDES, Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR), Water rights usage, etc.) to the Department of Environmental Quality and the Oklahoma Water Resources Board.

Additionally, the Utility Clerk tracks bad checks, prepares letters to issuer for city manager signature, recommends to city manager when to forward bad checks to district attorney for prosecution; Issues purchase order numbers for approved requisitions, permits and licenses in the absence of the City Clerk; and occasionally prepare City and Authority payroll checks, per direction of city clerk in her absence. Performs additional duties as may be directed by the City Clerk.

Building Official

The Building Official is appointed by the Mayor, with the consent of the City Commission. During temporary absence or disability of the building official the appointing authority shall designate an Acting Building Official. When reference is made to the duties of certain officials named in any of the codes adopted, the terms electrical inspector, plumbing inspector, and gas inspector, whenever used in this code shall each refer to the Building Official unless a separate inspector has been appointed.

The Building Official receives applications required, issue permits and furnish the prescribed certificates. He shall examine the premises for which permits have been issued and may make necessary inspections. He may enforce all provisions of the building code. To enforce compliance with law, to remove illegal or unsafe conditions, to secure the necessary safeguards during construction, or to require adequate exit facilities in buildings and structures, he shall issue such notices or orders as may be necessary.

Performs inspections required under the provisions of the building code on commercial, residential and other construction or remodeling during various phases of constriction to ensure compliance with applicable codes. Such inspections may include plumbing, mechanical, electrical, framing, footing, etc. The Building Official may accept reports of inspectors of recognized inspection services, after investigation of their qualifications and reliability. Confers with architects, contractors, builders, engineers, developers and the general public to ensure compliance to codes. Verifies county perk tests documentation for septic tank installation.

The Building Official shall keep comprehensive records of applications, of permits issued, of certificates issued, of inspections made, of reports rendered, and of notices or orders issued. All such records shall be open to public inspection for good and sufficient reasons at the stated office hours, but shall not be removed from the office of the Building Official without his written consent.

The Building Official is designated as the Administrative Officer for the City of Heavener and shall carry out the duties of the governing body as specified in 11 O.S. ยง 22-112 dealing with dilapidated buildings. Property owner(s) shall have the right of appeal to the municipal governing body from any order of the Administrative Officer. Such appeal shall be taken by filing written notice of appeal with the municipal clerk within ten (10) days after the administrative order is rendered.

Additionally, takes complaints from the public, investigates and inspects public nuisances concerning weeds, trash, non-operating vehicles, neglected property, erosion control and other public nuisances. Prepares reports, official abatement notices; records action taken and follow up requirements. May inspect public nuisances without a complaint; reviews County documents to determine property ownership; formulates necessary documents for City Council action. Contacts property owners concerning possible code violations and requirements to correct violation

Municipal Judge

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The Municipal Judge presides over the municipal court of the City of Heavener as appropriate and as provided by the constitution and laws of the State of Oklahoma . The Mayor, with the consent and approval of the City Commission, appoints an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Oklahoma judge of the Municipal Court with the official title of Municipal Judge, who shall hold office at the pleasure of the City Commission.

Douglas Schmuck is the current Municipal Judge and can be contacted at:

P.O. Box 1235

Poteau , Oklahoma 74953

(918) 647-9822

Court Clerk

The Court Clerk serves in the City's Legal Administrative Department performing all clerk duties with running, filing and keeping of document trails for the financial aspects of the City of Heavener Municipal Court .

The Court Clerk is hired by the city manager and reports directly to the City Clerk. She maintains custody of and is responsible for all books, papers, documents, and records belonging to and derived from the actions of the Municipal Court; and prepares court dockets from all citations issued and retains copies for two years in the file. Citations and paid bench warrants are maintained for a three year period in the file.

The Court Clerk attends all court dates, maintains records of court minutes. She collects fines and bond monies giving proper receipt and depositing the same in the appropriate fund account (General Fund, Penalty Assessment Fund, or Drug/Alcohol Training Fund.

The Court Clerk prepares bench warrants for failure to appear at the designated court dates, providing a hard copy to the Police Department after signature by the Municipal Judge. After warrant has been executed and closed out it is returned to the Court Clerk for appropriate action per the Municipal Judges direction.

The Court Clerk maintains an audit trail of all fines, bonds and fees collected from court actions; and prepares on-line the monthly reports for OSBI, AFIS, and Forensic fees, providing the report to the City Clerk for processing and forwarding of the required fees.

Municipal Attorney

The Municipal Attorney is appointed by the City Commission. His duty is to advise the City Commission and Heavener Utilities Authority Board of Trustees, and each member thereof, and the city manager, upon all questions and he shall give opinions in writing when requested and shall represent the City as counsel in all litigation, in all courts, for or against the city; and shall perform such other legal services on behalf of the City and Board of Trustees, its officers or employees, as may be required.

Terry L. Amend Esq. is the current Municipal Attorney and can be contacted at:

P.O. Box 545

Poteau , Oklahoma 74953

(918) 647-8249

About Heavener Police


The Heavener Police Department will provide for the general protection, safety and well being of all residents, businesses and visitors. This will be accomplished through a proactive approach in the prevention, detection and investigation of criminal activity.

We seek to contribute to the highest quality of life for the entire City through the assistance, involvement and interaction of the citizens we have pledged to serve.


We hold and prioritize our sacred duties to the preservation of life, preservation of property, conflict resolution, and quality of life for all citizens.

We recognize that our basic responsibility is to enforce the law. Our role is to resolve problems, through the law.

We accept nothing less than truth, honesty and integrity I our profession; and expect the same reciprocity for all contacts with the citizens we serve.

We recognize that our personal conduct, both on and off duty, is inseparable from the professional reputation of our officers, department, and City.

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